J ai les yeux bleus in english

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French Elle a les cheveux blonds platine. He told me that both can be used that both can be counted as correct on a test. English she has blonde hair. Many of the girls have blue eyes and are distinctly handsome, while one at least is a beauty with her blonde hair plaited round her Titian head.

Elle avait les yeux bleus , comme toi. No, this one's for Blue Eyes.

See examples translated by blue eyes examples with alignment. Is this what you were thinking of, I hardly explain why des is to be prefered to les in such a phrase! French j'ai les yeux brun, j ai les yeux bleus in english. J'ai toujours pens que les yeux bleus y voyaient mal. About des yeux bleus magnifiquesmarget, quand je vois les rsultats sur certain blog avec des personnes qui ont des cheveux absolument incroyable.

Isabelle a les yeux bleus

English my eyes. I had a lighter blue, but that began to change when I was about It's a general rule. I love clutches! We use cookies to enhance your experience. Personne ne croit que tu as les yeux bleus. French J'ai les yeux fermer.

  • Et d'après ce qu'on m'a dit, certains Litigarans, en particulier ceux qui ont les yeux bleus , évitent généralement de sortir au cours de ces nuits-là. English I am six foot seven, I have blond hair and blue eyes
  • I want her to have blue eyes.

J'ai mal la tte I've got a headachenot j'ai mal ma tte, France. About the contextual dictionary Download the App Contact Legal considerations. English I love clutches? Takke New Member Paris, sur des remplacements pourvoir toute l' anne. I couldn't explain it but that would work if the eyes were more qualified: "Elle a des yeux bleus magnifiques"?

"yeux bleus" English translation

I think that part of the confusion is that "some" in this context in English colloquially adds emphasis to the fact that the eyes are blue. Results for j'ai les yeux bleus et les cheveux J'ai les yeux larmoyants.

I don't have blue eyes. Je n'ai pas les yeux bleus. In French you don't use possessive for features when you obviously know who it belongs to. Quand j'ai vu ses yeux bleus, j'ai su que c'tait elle, mais elles seront plus difficiles retirer. French J'ai les cheveux trop longs.

Elle a les cheveux blonds platine.

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Possibly inappropriate content Unlock. More context All My memories Ask Google. Ninety-two percent of Caucasian newborns have blue eyes.

Et les cheveux!!! French j'ai les cheveux blonds.

  • French J'ai les yeux fermer.
  • English I am six foot seven, I have blond hair and blue eyes
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  • As Renardor explained, saying elle a des yeux bleus suggests something like some of her eyes are blue.

Hyer, les yeux bleus, I've always harbored a suspicion that blue eyes don't see so good. See examples containing eyes are blue 9 examples with alignment.

Let's say I have blue eyes, j ai les yeux bleus in english. English i have blue eyes and colorful hair. Son visage tait jeune et mince, un homme qui est la fois son soigneur et son dresseur. French les yeux bleus. Register Login. Learn more.

She had blue eyes just like you. Certains ont les yeux bleus et d'autres les ont bruns. I would advice to always add another adjective, so that you put "de" or "des" no choice.

Pas trs grand, les yeux bleus. Et les cheveux!!? Ninety-two percent of Caucasian newborns have blue eyes!

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My mother has medium brown eyes, my father has blue, with a slight green tint.

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